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2020 Films
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Dir: Mark Waters

2019 I  92 min | Documentary I United States

A materially successful young man, riddled with anxiety embarks on a world-wide journey of self-inquiry. From the streets of NY, to the stillness of the Ganges, and deep into the jungles of Peru, he immerses himself in meditation, self-inquiry, and plant medicine whilst conversing with top experts

Dir:Tyler Chandler

Canada |  2019 | 82 min | Documentary  | English | Heb Sub

 After many years of prescription medications failed her, a suicidal woman turns to the underground to try and overcome her depression, anxiety, and opioid addiction with illegal psychedelic medicine like magic mushrooms and iboga. Adrianne’s first dose of psilocybin mushrooms catapulted her into an unexpected world of healing where plant medicines are redefining our understanding of mental health and addiction.

Dir: Paula weiman-kelman

Israel | 2020 | 63 min | English | Heb Sub

Rachel Cowan was a civil rights activist, community organizer, the first female Jew by choice ordained as a Rabbi, a beloved and influential mindfulness teacher, a grandmother, a wise elder... And then she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Living each day fully, she turned dying into an opportunity to experience gratitude.

Dir: Steve Elkins

USA 2019 |  97min | English |  Heb Sub

In today’s high-speed digital world, stillness and silence are an increasingly rare commodity--in the sonic polarity between silence and noise, noise wins, and it is the immediacy of noise that has created an illusionary connection for humanity.

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Dir: Efrat Fogel

Israel | 2020 | 4min | English | Heb Sub
Short Film


Dir: Christoph Pohl

India |  2019 | 54 min | English | Heb Sub

Ever Slow Green tells the story of a 50-years-young tropical forest that evolved in Auroville, South India, through some of the diverse people who dedicate their lives to bringing it to fruition.


Dir: Suzanne Crocker

Canada | 102 min | English | Heb Sub

Suzanne Crocker, an award winning filmmaker and retired family doctor, challenged herself to spend one year feeding her family only food local to Dawson City, Yukon – a remote Northern Canadian community at 64° north, 300 km south of the Arctic Circle – to contribute to the public conversation about food self-sufficiency.

Dir: Pawo Choyning Dorji

Bhutan|  2019 | 110 min | Hebrew sub

Ugyen is a young teacher living in Bhutan’s capital Thimphu. He dreams of moving to Australia to pursue a career as a singer, but his boss has other plans for him. Ugyen is sent to teach children at the most remote school in the world.

Dir: Julian Harvey | Shannon Harvey

Australia 2020 | 98 min | English |  Heb Sub

A struggling street photographer in Mumbai, pressured to marry by his grandmother, convinces a shy stranger to pose as his fiancée. The pair develop a connection that transforms them in ways they could not expect.

Dir: Katsuya Tomita

Japan 2019 | 56 min | Japanese | Heb Sub

This is a fresh look at Soto Zen in Japan today.

Dir: Dawn Gifford Engle

USA 2019 | 93 min | English |  Heb Sub

Many years ago, a little boy was born in Tibet, and he was chosen to become the 14th Dalai Lama. But the little boy had a secret, locked inside his heart. In the new film, "The Dalai Lama -- Scientist", the Dalai Lama tells this unknown story about his lifelong journey into the world of science and technology

Dir: Juan Carlos La Madrid, Howard Martin, Guillermo Mathews

USA|  2019 | 90 min| English | Heb Sub

Unlock your heart’s natural intuitive guidance. Better manage stressful emotions. Increase resilience. Hear from experts and master trainers. Experience five scientifically validated HeartMath techniques for activating your heart power and intelligence. Learn to move from depletion to renewal — from stress to ease — to become who you truly are.

Dir: Viliam Poltikovič

Czech Republic | 2020 | 92min | English | Heb Sub

Feature documentary film by Viliam Poltikovič presents Tantra in its original Hindu and Buddhist form including current Neotantra.

Dir: Susan Hess Logeais

USA 2019 | 87 min | English  | Heb Sub

The Way of the Psychonaut explores the life and work of Stanislav Grof, Czech-born psychiatrist and psychedelic psychotherapy pioneer. Stan’s quest for knowledge and insights into the healing power of non-ordinary states of consciousness, influenced the discipline of psychology and profoundly changed many individual lives

thrive 22.jpg
Dir: Foster Gamble & Kimberly Carter Gamble

USA 2020 | 151 min | English  | Heb Sub

THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes brings viewers behind the scenes with the people and inventions that have the power to transform life for everyone. Unpacking the strategies, the science, and the principles that underlie the most potent solutions in energy, health, consciousness, and non-coercive self-organizing, THRIVE II brings compelling evidence that illustrates a new paradigm of science that Einstein was seeking, unveiling for the layperson an emerging coherent theory of the “Unified Field” and all that it implies.

YMR in cave2.png
Dir: Paul MacGowan

USA | 2020 | 88 min | English | Heb Sub

Under cover of darkness and with no word of his plans, much-beloved Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche walked away from his life on the international stage to live that of a wandering yogi. Wandering . . . But Not Lost is an intimate account of Rinpoche's four-and-a-half-year retreat  interspersed with the master’s own guidance in applying Buddhist wisdom to our daily modern lives.

Audience Choice from Past Festivals

All the Time In the World.jpg
Dir: Suzanne Crocker

Canada 2014 | 89 min| English | Heb Sub

A family-friendly film about a family living and being home-schooled off-grid in the Yukon wilderness.

כאב וכעס.jpg
Dir: Michael Galinsky

2016 USA | 83 min | English | Heb Sub

Using a first-person approach to explore the work of renowned physician Dr. John Sarno and his radical methods to treating back pain, ALL THE RAGE examines the connection between emotions and health. . Through interviews with Sarno, esteemed patients, and experts, the film invites viewers to profoundly rethink our approach to healthcare.

בחזרה לאדמה.jpg
Dir: Rolf Winters 

USA , 2015 | 82min | English | Heb Sub
Leaving behind their cosmopolitan life, a couple and their three young children travel the world searching for a new perspective on life. During their five-year journey they live with some of the oldest indigenous communities on the planet. They record their encounters with the elders tribal sages never filmed or interviewed before. Without a crew or schedule, just one backpack and one camera each. And the curiosity to listen. 

תוצרת מקסיקו 2.jpg
Dir: Duncan Bridgeman

Mexico 2012 | 98 min | Spanish, English | Heb Sub

Hecho en Mexico (Made in Mexico) is an inspiring film exploring what it means to be Mexican, and featuring many of the greatest performers and sharpest minds ...

Dir: Daniel Luke Fitch

USA, 2019 | 84 min | English | Heb Sub

Follow along as we travel to Canada, Japan, The Philippines, Europe and the U.S.A., visiting Zen Masters, scientists, politicians, Christians, atheists, and celebrities exploring the questions: What is Zen? What is Awakening/Enlightenment?
Is Zen a Religion? How does Science view Zen?
What does Awakening look like in everyday life?

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